Models LOVE Kona Tanning Company's Spray Tanning Solution! Check Out What They Have to Say:

"Completely professional staff; made me feel comfortable from the 
get go!" - Kathy Wayne

"I’m so proud to be around my sister-in-law that has always been SO PERFECT and notice that her legs are telltale orange and streaked – gives me even extra 
added enjoyment!" - Anonymous

"Girls, thanks so much for the tan a few days ago for my trip....I loved it and so did 
my friends! Especially in the poolside nice NOT to be lilly white!" - Kristen

VIOLET MARIE - "Hey! I just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job with the tan the other week. I had a lot of fun at the event! :) ! Xo's"

LAURIE YOUNG - "I am shooting for FHM on Wednesday!! woooo!!!! so I need an amazing tan from my amazing tan lady!! Let me know when you have time for me!"

FLOR BERMUDEZ - "shoot! i look tan girl! we love our tans! we will be back :D "

AMY FLESCHERT - "I had a blast! I am glad that I could help out! Everyone loved my tan, I told them about you all :)"

WORLD'S TALLEST MODEL ALEXIS SKYE - " was so great to meet you and your CREW> I can't thank you enough for my instant tan at the photo shoot yesterday. I changed clothing 5 times and it didn't rub off on my outfits, my skin is still very soft and not dry, and I was very dark by the end of the shoot. Sign me up for a lifetime membership with you. I'm addicted!!! Wish you were here in Phx. I LOVE your tanning products! I will be using them all next week at the Arnold Classic in Ohio. It smells great, doesn't come off on clothing, and when you spill it on fabric( like I did)the solution washes out. You have the best self tanning product I have ever tried. THANK YOU! Amazon HUGS ~A~ "

THE LFL'S JOEY DAVENPORT - "Hey guys, I love your tans! I think I've tried them all, and you're simply the best in every way. Why do you think I come in every week? :) See you soon!"

KIMBERLEY MARTINEZ - THANK YOU for my awesome tan!! It looked awesome in the Mrs. California pageant, and I think you'll be seeing me a bit more often for tans this summer! - Kimi

RAIN CLAIR - "OMG! My tan rocks! I'll feel much more confident tonight when I'm walking around in my panties in front of hundreds of people LOL! Did I tell you that the Y.E.S. Calendar photographer said he didn't have to touch-up my photos because of the tan?!? THANK YOU!

HEATHER THEISEN - After I got tanned, I spent the night at my girlfriend's house, and when I woke up in the morning she was shocked at how great I looked fresh out of bed! It's because of the tan - THANK YOU!!

SHANNON JOHNSON - LOVE MY TAN....I need to schedule another one for next week!

JAIMARIE - Thank you guys for ANOTHER amazing tan for another awesome shoot!!! You MADE my Benchwarmer card ROCK! xoxo

PAULA LEMA - Just look at that beautiful glow, you guys are magicians!!!! Luv the customized spray tan!!! Thank you sooo much for making us look our best!!!

Ask your spray tanner to carry the Kona Tanning House Blend - we ship worldwide!

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