February 2010 Iron Man Magazine Cover, Featuring Mike O'Hearn

That's right, our favorite American Gladiator is drug free, with Titan strength and a beautiful tan! This is surely a sight to see in the fitness world! The magazine is on newsstands today, and features a 9-page spread on Mr. O'Hearn, including his diet, workout routine, and the little things you didn't know...like he's a 4-time Mr. Universe winner, and set the record for most pullups in 30 seconds (which was a staggering 35)! He's also dyslexic. WHAT A LIFE SO FAR. We find it difficult not to bow down with respect and shout "We're not worthy!" everytime we see him. After reading his story, you might too. He deserves it all after what he's overcome! Congratulations Mike!

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