Dollface Beauty Blog Reviews Kona Tanning Company Gradual Tanner! All the way from the UK!

The UK's hottest beauty blog posted a beaming review on our fabulous Gradual Tanner, making waves even across the pond! Dollface's feedback reminded us of our own sweet clients' reviews, with mention of the serenading fragrance, glowing shimmer dust, and gradual color, which truly is perfect for the newbie sunless bronzer in all of us. Even Mr. Dollface approved!

Dollface Reviews: Kona Tanning Company Gradual Tanner

"I was actually sent this product some time ago, but the long, hard winter has meant that my legs haven’t been seen without trousers or tights for months now, which means I haven’t had a chance to use it. This weekend, however, Spring finally sprung, and I decided to have a go at taking some of the glare off my legs before I risk blinding people with their pallor, so I dug out the bottle and prepared to turn tan.

"The first thing to note about this product is that it smells fantastic – like chocolate, in fact, which is far, far preferable to the usual fake tan smell we’re all familiar with. It actually left my bathroom lightly scented for a short while after I used it, too, and Mr Dollface commented on how nice it smelt, which is further testament to the pleasant scent!

"The other thing I like about this is the fact that it goes on brown, rather than being colourless, like many of the other gradual tanners I’ve tried. This makes it so much easier to apply, because you can see exactly where it’s going, and make sure there are no streaks or white bits before it even starts to dry, thus making it much more likely that you’ll get a streak-free finish, which is exactly what I ended up with, much to my joy!

"As this is a gradual tanner, I didn’t notice a huge difference with the first application, but the second was enough to leave me with a natural looking “tan”, which isn’t too dark, and isn’t at all streaky. The slight downside is that the product did stain my bath towels a little (the marks came out as soon as I washed them, though), and as it goes on brown, I had to leave it a little longer to dry before getting dressed, for fear of tanning my clothes as well as my skin. The only other downsides for me are the price ($35), and the fact that the website is US based, although it does ship internationally."

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