Rescue Me! Did You Receive A Spray Tan That You Regret?

Receive a spray tan that you regret? And now you can’t get it off? Dry your eyes….we can help. Let us take you under our wing!
Drop by our cozy boutique and tell us your story. We’ll chat about your skin’s history, and evaluate the stage of your current tan. Then, together we’ll coordinate a “spray tan detox” plan, complete with follow-ups that work around your skin’s natural exfoliation schedule, proper care instructions, and best of all, somewhere to turn in your time of need.

Kona Tanning Company has been around since 2005, so we’ve done plenty of rescue tans. Once under our care, you will no longer need to hide your skin. We have experience in how tans fade, and can schedule follow-up appointments accordingly, so your lifestyle won’t miss a beat. We’ll take care of you until your skin is back to its natural cycle! All you need to do is drop by, and trust us.

Rescue Me Package: $140 (includes consultation, exfoliating MicrodermaMitt, Gradual Tanner, and scheduled follow-up appointments.)

Ask your spray tanner to carry the Kona Tanning House Blend - we ship worldwide!

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