Columnist Karen Salkin Reviews Kona's On-Location Spray Tanning

After recent losses and tragedies in our headlines and homes, Team Kona welcomed Karen Salkin's review of our mobile tanning like a breath of fresh air! Be sure to catch the full review below, but in the meantime, here are excerpts of our favorites to hold you over:

"Mr. X was so impressed with the color I got from Kona Tan’s secret formula that he bought a huge container of it on the spot!!! (He has tried sprays from other companies over the years, with not great results, so we already have the spray set-up. Now, if only he had Katie’s spraying talent, we’d be all set!)

"But there are other ways to get the signature Kona Tan, if you’re too shy for the sprayer to see you naked, or just don’t have time for the full treatment. The company has a range of products with which you can achieve either an instant or gradual tan yourself. I guess Mr. X didn’t even want me to see him naked because he chose to go with the do-it-yourself Spritzer for his tan. And it really worked!

"So, unless you want to spring for a trip to the Big Island itself, Kona Tan is the way to go to look fabulous, relaxed, and toned, which I did for more than a week after. So, if you see me appearing that way in the future, you’ll know that Mr. X got busy with his spray-gun. And Kona Tan’s perfect formula!"

R.I.P. Ralphie, Clarence, and Dr. Ryan - gone but not forgotten

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