Travelers Rejoice, "Bon Voyage Pasty Skin!" as Kona Tanning Company Launches Travel-Sized Bronzing Spray in a Bottle

IRVINE, CA, January 05, 2011 -- We all know that an airbrushed spray tan is a healthy alternative to traditional tanning booths and extended exposure to harmful UV rays, as long as you can find a tanning color that produces a natural looking bronze. Now pasty travelers that used to be geographically out of reach of a signature Kona Tanning treatment can also receive their luxurious, odorless glow in a convenient do-it-yourself spray bottle. Sure to be the newest must-have for the ol' suitcase, travelers agree there's nothing like beginning the vacation with a tan, ridding fresh arrivals of that pesky first day ritual: building a base tan. So what will travelers do with this newfound freed up time at the beginning of their vacations? The possibilities are endless! It's like having an extra day added to your vacation! And to think, it all started when the famous Kona formula was bottled in 1-ounce and 4-ounce travel-sized containers called Kona Tanning Spritzers, for sunless tanning away from the salon. Kona Spritzers can also be used to extend existing sunless tanning treatments, saturating incoming fresh skin cells to maintain a sunless tan indefinitely. Each key ingredient in the Kona Tanning House Blend tanning solution is specially formulated to provide even, consistent skin tone, particularly to people with skin imperfections such as freckles, varicose veins, bruises, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, and broken blood vessels, by minimizing and camouflaging in an odorless glow that lasts a week. Even those who are prohibited from sun exposure can now enjoy a radiant sunless tan, that doesn't require scheduling and won't break the bank.

Makeup artists and service providers alike have already been utilizing this tanning solution to produce beautiful golden undertones in a variety of skin types, and on clients seeking a polished, head-to-toe coverage, everyday. Airbrush tanning with the Kona Tanning House Blend allows for a more trusted and enjoyable tanning experience, sans the traditional challenges associated with spray tans, that can leave clients feeling skeptical and unsatisfied.

Like many great companies, Kona Tanning Company began in the kitchen. In 2005, an enterprising young couple named Katie and Kenny returned home from their Hawaiian honeymoon, tired of striking out with tanning beds and smelly spray tans that didn't compliment redheaded Katie's fair skin and freckles. They decided to customize a formula just for Katie, and then went one step further by adding skin nourishing ingredients and extracts. Their efforts to create the best sunless tanning products available, solidified a Kona Tan as a security blanket for those continuously in the public eye, fashion and media tastemakers, and those within distance of a Kona Tanning studio. The most notable Kona Tans were seen on the Victoria's Secret runway at their latest nationally televised fashion show. Kona Tanning products are made by sunless tanners for sunless tanners.
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About Kona Tanning Company:
Kona Tanning Company believes in focusing on one area of expertise to be the best at it. For them, it's sunless airbrushed tanning. In 2005, newlywed owners Katie and Kenny Quinn created their famous homemade mix of tanning solution, the Kona Tanning House Blend, out of their kitchen in Orange County, California. Since then, they have applied that gorgeous Kona Color on famous faces for editorials, television, film, red carpet appearances, and even the exclusive Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Their popularity with fashion and media tastemakers skyrocketed the Kona Tanning House Blend internationally, and today it can be found in luxury spray tanning salons worldwide. Out of personal necessity, the Quinns have single handedly raised the bar for sunless skincare, merging health, beauty and glamour into one perfectly bronzed package, called a Kona Tan. They have developed their own products and techniques, fine-tuning Katie's talents under some of the world's top makeup artists and fitness legends. Until 2010, Katie was also the Staff Beauty Director at Amour Creole Magazine, and she now prides herself on being able to quickly identify products that work, and products that don't. More information about Kona Tanning Company's products and pricing can be found online at


For Immediate Release:

The famous Kona Tanning House Blend sunless tanning solution is now available in concentrated
travel-sized spray bottles, to be used as a tan extending spray or for do-it-yourself at home self tanning.

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