Team Kona Designs Runway Skin Looks for Wardance Apparel Fashion and Runway Show

A focal point of Wardance Apparel's White Hat Fashion and Runway Show event, March 12, 2011, held at Wardance Training Center, were the fashion looks themselves; deservedly so. While showcasing designers' hottest new looks as they are debuted for the first time to the general public, guests should never be distracted by uneven or unkempt skin tone. A Kona Tan delivers radiance and understated displays for designers to feature their looks in a live setting. Traditional challenges associated with uneven skin tone in photos can be touched up or airbrushed prior to being published. However, live fashion shows feature models in all their glory - flaws and all - without any second chances for repairs. Kona Tanning produces a flawless base tan using Kona Tanning's House Blend tanning solution, and utilize their own famous Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner as a highlighting body makeup tint. Experience in the world's top fashion shows led Team Kona Tanning to place extra care in developing body products for the runway, particularly televised events where the body's movement can create additional demands for the body makeup artist. 

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