A Sweet Valentine's Day Dessert - Conversation Heart Cheesecakes

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Check out these adorable Valentine's Day Desserts!  Too cute!!

"I've heard people, including my husband, say, "I've never met a cheesecake I didn't like." Well, I can't say the same. I've been known to pay upwards of $10 for a slice of cheesecake and take one bite and shove it aside. To me, cheesecake should be so lusciously creamy and smooth that it just melts in my mouth, and tastes delicately rich with just a hint of tang from the cream cheese. I wont settle for dense, spongy, crumbly and or sour cheesecake; it better be good if I'm going to indulge in that may calories. If its bad, I'd rather throw it away, or feed it to my less picky husband:) 

Many years ago, after many failed attempts at finding that perfect cheesecake recipe, I discovered it. Tyler Florence's Ultimate Cheesecake is the best I've ever tried. I've made it dozens of times and always garner rave reviews from family and friends. So, when I decided to make heart shaped cheesecakes to look like conversation hearts, there was no doubt in my mind what recipe I'd use. Tyler's recipe calls for a bit of lemon zest, which I love, but I oftentimes leave it out depending on how I'll be serving the cakes. I didn't want flecks of lemon zest in these pastel colored cakes, so I just flavored the cheesecake with a good quality vanilla extract."

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