The NEW Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner - Same beautiful tanning lotion, new beautiful look.

Press Release
The New Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner
Same beautiful tanning lotion, new beautiful look.
Costa Mesa, CA – July 19, 2012 Part of Kona Tanning Company’s sunless product line - the Gradual Tanner is a lavish, moisture-rich lotion designed to give anyone the chance to build a Kona Tan, from a yacht in the Virgin Islands to a sleeping bag in Alaska. Or, for those who enjoy receiving an airbrushed tan treatment, the Gradual Tanner can be used daily between your sunless tanning visits to continue saturating new skin cells, lessening the frequency of pricey sunless tanning visits. This product is designed with the "girl on the go" in mind, but can be used by anyone concerned with youth and beauty of their skin, and safety of their health. This hydrating body lotion gradually builds existing sunless and UV tan color with each application. The caramel tint and gold shimmer dust provide instant glow, and if used daily, the color received will resemble a rich, golden brown color.

The NEW Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner

Enriched with a new generation of specially formulated rich emollients, vitamins, antioxidants and fortifying botanicals to protect and hydrate your skin, keeping your skin soft and smooth. Kona Tanning Company's Gradual Tanner is fueled with chamomile, for a soothing and calming treatment, and features Pro Vitamin B5 for intense hydration. Advanced technology utilizes DHA (dihydroxyacetone) more efficiently than ever imagined, leading to superior performance even away from the salon. All natural preservatives, including thyme and grapefruit seed extract, provide super anti-oxidant properties, and encourage cellular repair to assist in promoting a youthful appearance. Blends of citrus and vanilla notes of fragrance add a special treat as you indulge in this masterpiece of a tan extender.

Like many great companies, Kona Tanning Company began in the kitchen. In 2005, an enterprising young couple named Katie and Kenny returned home from their Hawaiian honeymoon, tired of striking out with tanning beds and smelly spray tans that didn’t complement Katie’s fair skin and freckles. They decided to customize a formula just for Katie, and then went one step further by adding skin nourishing ingredients and extracts. Once the formula had been perfected, Katie knew that the other challenge to achieving the perfect tan was in the application. She spent countless hours studying the curvature of the human body through the eyes of a makeup artist, in an effort to discover ways to accentuate key muscle groups, and highlight attractive features through shadow manipulation. Because of this approach to sunless tanning, a Kona Tan has become a security blanket for those continuously in the public eye, and fashion and media tastemakers. The most notable Kona Tans were seen on the Victoria’s Secret runway at their last three nationally televised fashion shows.

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