Beautereport Reviews the New Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner

Soaring With Angels…Dispell Every Self-Tanning Nightmare While Creating a New Trust in Self Tanning

By Mary Winkenwerder (@Beautereport)

"When you think of angels, do you think of tanning?  The folks at KONA Tanning do!  Every mitted application, spray on session and gentle stoke of bronzing powder takes their angels one step closer to another perfected tan fit for the most popular fashion runway in the world.  If your mind has meandered to a place called Victoria Secret, then you’re in the right place.  KONA Tanning is the artistry team that is responsible for transforming Vickie’s models into what appears to be super-human beings.
The darker side of self tanning can be phased out with the right combination of elements, willingness to try something new being one of them…
Self tanning distrust has become a must.  Since the first time I used a self tanner, I sought sanctuary in a product that did not turn me orange, did not smell like a manila envelope, did not dry out my skin, did not make me look old and did not distract me with other formula issues throughout the day.  Over the years, someone has been listening closely…that someone or someones is KONA Tanning.  There is no complexity to their system, just a good solid product consumers can use at home.
Bronze Goddess.  The first application provides a great first date.  There is no streaking with this formula, although I would most certainly exfoliate before use.  The formula allows for a pleasant major build up of suitable color, you decide when to stop.  The shimmery top coast of dreamy cream smoothed across my skin while enhancing every feature to a new visible dimension.
Dispell the Smell.  Traditionally, self tanning products have more than one downfall.  Smell can make or break an opinion when sampling self tanning products.  When the color does not pan out to be what one had hoped for, there needs to be more than one redeeming quality…right?  Yeah!  Gradual Tanner offers a lovely citrus scent that binds to skin with each application.  The lingering fragrance is more like aromatherapy with its subtle hints of loveliness.
What this did for me.  My experiences with Gradual Tanner has reinstilled my shaky belief in the over-all workability of the self tanner as a whole.  My skin was instantly but gradually transformed to a state that was fit to soar with angels.
For anyone who is hesitant to break on through to the other side and give this a healthy gander, do not be afraid.  Your interest and pro-action into this new tanning territory will be time well spent…it’s that simple.
Have a beautiful week!
Photo credits:  Kona Tanning Company
**Special thanks to Kona Tanning Company for allowing me to sample this super self tanning product!  What an amazing find for anyone who wishes to get a jump start from stark to dark sensational!  -Mary oxox"

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