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A special Thank You to for their wonderful review of our Gradual Tanner!  We love their website, so this was an extra special treat for Team Kona - thank you, Cheryl at MomTrends!

There’s nothing scarier this Halloween season…OK any season…than a faux tan gone awry. Orange streaks that make even a Jack-o-lantern blush. They’re the worst. But oh-so common as we slough off our regular sun-kissed glow. Seems we panic and, steeped in the belief that we have reached zombie-level pail, we reach for a bottle of the brown. Frightening.
It used to be that only models and celebs living in SoCal could take advantage of Kona Tanning’s coveted airbrush tans. Now you can at least get that same streakless and natural color because they just launched a Gradual Tanner. Now we can all stop frightening others with our healthy sunless tans.
It’s a thin caramel liquid that starts off with a gold shimmer (there’s actual gold glitter in it, but not in a Solid Gold Dancer sort of way) and it smells amazing. A warm vanilla instead of that formulated stink that most sunless tanners have.
The streak-free color comes from DHA, a colorless chemical derived from beets and sugarcane. The formula also has a fantastic blend of rich emollients, vitamins, antioxidants and fortifying botanicals to protect and hydrate your skin, so you don’t get that dry feeling that most tanners leave you with. Think chamomile for a soothing and calming treatment, Sunflower Oil for treating dry, weathered, aged, and damaged skin, and Pro Vitamin B5 for intense hydration.
As the color is gradual, so are the other benefits to your skin. The thyme and grapefruit seed extract provide super anti-oxidant properties and encourage cellular repair to assist in promoting a youthful appearance.
You can use it evenly on skin as you would your daily moisturizer. Exfoliate first of course – a good dry brush before your shower is best. Then once you step out of the shower, dab your skin dry. It actually blends best on damp skin, so start applying from the bottom up in small, circular motions with your hands.
Now the only thing scaring us this Halloween is Sandy and that pasty pale ghost showing up on your door for all your Tootsie Rolls. Happy Halloween, everyone!
Kona is available at for $35.

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