Think You're Too Pale To Benefit From A Spray Tan?

MYTH:  I'm too pale to look great with a Kona Tan.

Fact:  Kona Tanning Company was actually founded by a redhead: 

"Like many great companies, Kona Tanning Company was born in the kitchen, when newlyweds Katie and Kenny began mixing ingredients to find the best shade for Katie's redheaded complexion. What they found was the best color around, lasting twice as long as anything else they tried, and it didn't stink!"

Don't be afraid of trying a spray tan. The industry has come a long way since the days of being "too pale" to get sprayed!  The Kona Tanning House Blend is made for sunless tanners, by sunless tanners, so it can produce just a kiss of color, or a full-blown body-building bronze.  The makeup artistry airbrush guns that Team Kona uses create the greatest quality of coverage, with ultimate sculpting control, and the greatest color under the sun. You won't believe it until you've tried it! 

You can check out the to find a salon offering Kona Tans near you today, or ask your local spray tanner to request a sample.

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