Throwback Thursday - Special Disneyland Addition - Where Do You Take Your Spray Tanner After a Photoshoot?

Thunder Mountain at Disneyland - Scary!!
Today's #ThrowbackThursday has a Disneyland twist (and turn, and hill, and cave...oh my)!  What do models do after their photoshoots?  They take their spray tanners and body makeup artists to Disneyland, of course!  That's exactly what happened here, model Jaimarie took Kona Kenny and I to Disneyland to scream the day's pinup shoot away!  Kenny got this great shot going over the drop on Thunder Mountain....we aren't faking our fear!!!

Jaimarie's hair didn't move an inch, even on a windy runaway train, thanks to the hair magic of Catherine Crump! I've seen it all.

GET THE LOOK:  Jaimarie was lightly airbrush tanned by Kona Katie using the Kona Tanning House Blend tanning solution:

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