Kona Tanning Company Launches Exfoliating Body Mitt

Kona Tanning Exfoliating Body Mitt
Products Created by Sunless Tanners for Sunless Tanners

Kona Tanning Company’sTM Exfoliating Body Mitt works in harmony with your body as a skin exfoliating treatment.  This skin-friendly experience opens pores, removing dead skin cells, toxins and impurities to produce fresher, glowing, brighter looking skin.
· Removes dry and dead skin cells, promotes collagen reproduction
· Deep cleans pores and refreshes skin
· Assists in treating and preventing keratosis pilaris, acne, and scars
· Prevents ingrown hair and increases oxygen
· Boosts microcirculation and moisture absorption to promote even skin tone

Do not use on open or sore skin.
1. Thoroughly rinse body in a warm shower or bath, avoiding cleansers and body wash.
2. Place your hand inside of the Exfoliating Body Mitt, and using only water, gently massage circles over all areas that you would like to exfoliate. 
3. After rinsing away dead skin cells, rinse the Exfoliating Body Mitt in warm water, and hang to air dry. Do not machine wash.


Made of 100% Raw Floss Silk
Made in Turkey for Kona Tanning CompanyTM
100% all natural

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