How To Sleep In Your Spray Tan

Have you ever slept in a fresh spray tan, and ended up with one of your hands being much darker than the other? Here's why: We all perspire while we sleep, and if you go to bed with a fresh spray tan, whatever skin on skin contact you have will cause a transfer of tanning solution. For example, if you always sleep with your hand between your knees, and you go to bed after getting a spray tan wearing shorts, chances are you'll probably end up with that hand between your knees at some point during the night. When you perspire, tanning solution will transfer from your knees to either side of your hand, and cause unintentional staining that is very difficult to remove. We like to use Windex and a warm, wet wash cloth to exfoliate away the unintentional staining.

The Kona Tanning House Blend is a water soluble product, and washes out of most fabrics. However, the tanning solution could stain Silk, Nylon, Wool and Polyester. Since there is a bronzer in the spray, it is best not to wear your favorite expensive clothing until after your tan has developed, and the bronzer has been completely rinsed off. If you are sleeping with the bronzer on your skin and allowing your tan to develop while you sleep, it is best to wear loose pajamas, and lay a towel over your pillow to prevent any bronzer transfer due to perspiration while you sleep. Try to avoid any skin on skin contact while you sleep – even with others! After you have rinsed the bronzer away, there will not be any rub-off or transfer of the tan.

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