New Trend: Women Shaving Their Faces To Treat Wrinkles

women shaving faces as wrinkle treatment kona tanning 1024x820 New Trend: Women Shaving Their Faces To Treat Wrinkles
My hairdresser said she’s been doing this for years, but I’m too afraid to try it:  she shaves her face to prevent wrinkles!  I asked her if she’s worried about her hair growing back thicker, and she said if that were true, bald men everywhere would be shaving their heads like crazy.  That made sense, but still – I’m afraid to try it!  Read one brave beauty editor’s tale from NY Magazine’s The Cut to get the real scoop on this whole, ladies shaving their faces situation.  You might just be convinced to give it a stab – er, shave!
One of the best benefits of facial shaving is that topical beauty products can absorb (and therefore WORK!) more efficiently.  For the body, Kona Tanning has an exfoliating body mitt that does just that.  Originally designed for airbrush spray tan preparation, the Kona Tanning Exfoliating Body Mitt is composed of 100% raw Turkish floss silk to work in harmony with your body, opening pores, and removing dead skin cells, toxins, and impurities.  The result is brighter, fresher, more youthful-looking skin!
Have you tried facial shaving?
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  1. Wow what an amazing amount of natural products to choose from!I was there too and wrote about my favourite brands on the show.....Top 5 Tips Skin Care Problems Women