Throwback Thursday With Hoobastank and Stryker, Oh MY!

Launch of our friend Jaimarie's official website - from left to right:  Katie, Kenny, Zack, Jason Sarcinelli, Jaimarie, Dan, Jenna, Stryker, and Jamie.

Today's #ThrowbackThursday is from the 2008 launch of, complete with rock stars, movie stars, television stars, radio stars, and even stars from the writing room of our favorite shows.  Great group for a great cause!  Loved meeting the guys from Hoobastank, and Kenny and I loved  discussing the profound moments of Family Guy with Stryker, our favorite KROQ Deejay!  Jaimarie was tanned by Kona Katie for the event, and we think she looks AMAZING!  Congrats again, Jai!

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