Airbrush Spray Tanning For The Most Sensitive Skin In The World | by Kona Katie

The Kona Tanning House Blend Tanning Solution is great for sensitive skin

I have the world's most sensitive skin, and I'm a redhead - a tough combination for finding OTC beauty products that won't cause me irritation.  For me, soap is out of the question - I have to use a gentle, soap-free hypoallergenic gel cleanser given to me by my incredible dermatologist, called CeraVe.  Good dermatologists are hard to find - I know because I once saw one who gave me a product that made my face feel like it was on FIRE!  (I was going to post a photo here of that guy from Indiana Jones, whose face melted off, but it was just too gross - you're welcome!) ;-)   You can't mess around with sensitive skin, so I'm happy to finally have a product I can rely on for relief.

Sensitive skin even affects my mane - almost every shampoo I've tried has caused me  major problems, so I'm stuck using Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, or Goldwell DualSenses Pomegranate Shampoo.  Just to give you an idea of what a pain in the you-know-what this is for me, I have to bring my ol' trusty bottle of baby shampoo with me when I travel, when I stay with friends, and even when I see my hairdresser.  Yup, I'm THAT girl at the salon!  But the alternative is so much worse.

Standard spray tans used to cause me dry skin, and since I knew tanning beds and sun-bathing were out of the question, my husband and I decided to take matters into our own hands.  All of these problems were a blessing in disguise, because they led us to create a spray tanning solution for other sunless sisters in my position, called the Kona Tanning House Blend.  At first, it was only created with me in mind, but after its unveiling, Kona Tanning Company quickly followed.  Now I'm able to offer this non-irritating product around the world, and I couldn't be happier sharing the love!  Check out the rest of the Kona Tanning product line when you have a moment, particularly our deliciously-scented Gradual Tanner.   Coupon code 'KTC 10' gets you 10% off during checkout!

Do you suffer with sensitive skin?  I would love to hear your stories! 

Here's me airbrush tanned with the Kona Tanning House Blend tanning solution - no odor, no orange, no streaks, and lasts a week!  Glow courtesy of the Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner.

Kona Tanning House Blend Tanning Solution

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