Brides! Before You Get a Spray Tan for Your Wedding, You Must Read This!

Inconsistent undertones can be distracting.
Brides, are you getting a spray tan for your wedding day?  First of all, congratulations for sparing your skin from the harmful rays of the sun!  Your skin thanks you!  Secondly, your wedding dress is absolutely going to pop against your new glow.  There's nothing like an even, natural-looking spray tan to showcase that dress you've always dreamed about, spotlighting the true star of the wedding - the bride.  

With all eyes on you, it's easy to get caught up in your own beauty treatments, and forget that you should be factoring in the groom's skin tone, as well.  Kona Tanning Company has seen numerous benefits to working in Hollywood and Fashion, but what we love most is what we learn about optical illusions - from behind the camera. One of our favorite Hollywood producers explained that a spray tan allowed for consistent skin tone in his cast, tricking the eye into believing the two main characters had a deeper emotional relationship. In other words, when filming or photographing, having the same undertones in your skin as your counterpart results in the feeling of a deeper connection to the audience. 

Imagine...looking MORE IN LOVE in your engagement and wedding photos!

Consistent undertones are always best.
Grooms often forget about the quick and easy spa treatments, like spray tanning, that can make a huge difference in wedding and engagement photos.  Inconsistent undertones in your skin can actually have the opposite effect that spray tanning can have.  So, lovely brides, please consider talking your knight in shining armor into joining you in a couples tanning appointment at your nearest spray tanning salon.  If you're in Orange County, Los Angeles, or New York, call your nearest Kona Tanning Artist.  Or, check for a mobile spray tanning artist in your area.  And remember:  you should tan at least one day prior to your wedding day, but for best results, schedule a two-day buffer period between your tan appointment and your wedding day - just in case.  

Once you've got your groom on board for sunless tanning, why not make it a group date?  We can't imagine a better way for a new family to bond! Moms and mothers-in-law love to be included with the bridal party's beauty treatments, so when you invite your bridesmaids and groomsmen, see if the in-laws that will be included in your family photos would like to join you.  And be sure to ask about group rates and specials when you book your spray tans.

To trial, or not to trial?  Trials are never a bad idea when you're trying anything new before an important event.  You try on your clothes, so why not anything else you wear, like a spray tan?  We recommend scheduling your spray tan trial at least two weeks prior to your wedding, and if you're having your makeup professionally applied, within four days of your makeup trial.  Avoid the sun before your wedding, and be sure to wear sunscreen if you'll be outdoors.  The last thing you want to do is get a sunburn before the big day, and PEEL!  Even the best spray tanner in the world can't completely hide the evidence of peeling.  Do yourself a favor and plan ahead - wear sunscreen, and stay in the shade.

Traveling and honeymooning brides-to-be should request a travel-sized bottle of touch-up tanning solution for the road.  The more remote your destination wedding or honeymoon, the less likely you'll find a mobile spray tanning artist.  Particularly one that uses your own spray tanner's brand of tanning solution.  Don't get caught unprepared! 

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