How to Sunless Tan From Home - A Complete Guide for the Self-Tanner in All of Us!

Hello pretty Kona sunless tanners!

Here are some great DIY tips for sunless tanning at home:

Flawless Faces make the first impression. Make sure you aren't just tanning your face though!  

That's right, just tanning your face can look obvious if you aren't tan anywhere else.
Make sure you tan from your collar bone and down on to your chest.  Try to apply the sunless tanning lotion or spray wearing your bikini, bra, or topless.  By doing so, you can see the entire area and you don't have to worry about getting anything on your clothes.
Step One.  
Gently Exfoliate (recommended:  Exfoliating MicrodermaMitt)
Don't scrub your face too hard.  A gentle exfoliation is perfect before applying the tanning product.
Step Two.
Use a make-up sponge and apply the self tanner as you would foundation, making sure you get your ears, and up into your hairline.
Step Three.
Wash and hydrate daily, but try to avoid acne fighters, as they will fade your tan.  Keep the Kona Tanning Bronzing Powder in your makeup case for touch-ups and contouring for the face and body.

Arms are our extensions to the world, so make sure to watch the application.

A discolored palm is always a bit scary, so don't forget to wash your hands afterwards!
After an exfoliation, make sure to put a little no-oil lotion on to your elbows and hands to prevent build-up.
Starting at the shoulders, apply a quarter size amount of the Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner on each shoulder and blend downwards. 
Blend very lightly at the wrist, and only apply to the backs of the hands.

Fab Abs are Easy Breezy

No need to apply a prep lotion here. Tummies are rarely dry.  Just exfoliate and apply. 
Then tighten your tummy and trace around your abs with a little extra tanner, using a makeup sponge or brush.

She Got Legs, She Knows How to Use Them  - and apply self-tanner!

Step One.  Shave and Exfoliate. Try shaving with conditioner. Conditioner leaves less residue than shaving cream.
Step Two.  Apply oil free prep lotion on your knee caps, ankle bones and toes to prevent build up. (Knee caps really love sunless tanner)
Step Three.  Split application of Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner or Kona Tanning Self-Tanning Spritzers into two sections: Hip to knee and knee to ankle.  A quarter size amount is perfect.
Rub in the lotion using circular motions (NOT up and down!) for one minute to prevent streaks.
Lastly and most importantly, wash your hands when you are finished to make sure to get all tanner off of your palms.
Wear loose clothing and avoid getting wet for a few hours.  

Enjoy Your Tan!

- Team Kona

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