My Kona Tan is Lasting Forever! How Do I Remove it for My Next Fresh Spray?

Can a Kona Tan be removed?
Kona Tans do not rub off easily. The tan simply fades over time, as you lose your dead skin cells. If you wish to remove the tan, it is best to use an exfoliating mitt to loosen skin cells that contain the tanned color. We love the MicrodermaMitt as both a tan remover, and a preparation tool for the next airbrush session. You may also find that soaking in a Jacuzzi or swimming pool will help to remove or fade the color faster.

Alternatively, a handful of granulated sugar can sometimes do the trick, especially when mixed with a warm, wet wash cloth.  Need a little more power behind your scrub?  Try adding a little baby oil to the mix, and massage your skin with the soaked wash cloth in a warm shower.  

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