A Busy Girl's Best Friend: 8 Hip Flexor Stretches and Exercises for Healthy Hips

So many of our clients spend their days in an office, sitting in front of their computers.  And we wonder why we have hip pain when we get home!  Below are eight really great hip stretches that made a world of difference for me.  Even my dog is noticing that I'm a little faster on my feet when we're playing!  


"If you are like me, you spend a large portion of your day sitting. And because of this, it isn't too uncommon for many of us to have tight hip flexors—the muscles responsible for flexing the hip or drawing the knees to your chest, as well as moving your legs front to back and side to side.

Your hip flexors are not a single muscle, but are actually a group of muscles which are comprised of the iliopsoas, the thigh muscles including the rectus femoris and sartorius, as well as the tensor fasciae latae, the inner thigh muscles including the adductor longus and brevis and finally the pectineus and gracilis.

Tight hip flexors are a common complaint amongst runners, too, due to the small, repetitive movement when running which can bring on injury if the muscles remain tight. If you suffer from tight hip flexors this may lead not only to hip pain, but lower back pain as well. Therefore, by doing stretches and exercises to help release the tension of the muscles, you may be able to prevent an injury from developing.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Front to Back Hip Swing

Hip Flexor Stretch

Standing Hip Flexor

Supine Hip Flexor Stretch

Low Mount Hip Flexor with Band

Butterfly Stretch

Pigeon Pose

Have you suffered from tight hip flexors? If so, what is your favorite exercise or stretch? Would you consider adding any of these moves into your fitnessroutine?"

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