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Eyelash Perms? Yep

[Trendzilla] The FDA might not approve, but you do end up with curlier lashes

Look out, gals, it’s something else you didn’t know about to spend your money on: eyelash perming.
Though the practice has been around for ages in Asian countries, eyelash perming has only made its way Stateside this past decade. In fact, you might be hard-pressed to find a salon that offers such a service.Did your eyeballs just retract themselves into their sockets? Sorry.
It’s simple: Your lashes are first cleaned and dried. As you keep your eyes shut, a small foam or cotton rod covered with a delicate adhesive is carefully applied to the skin just above your lash line. Next, the beautician pushes your lashes down to wrap across the rod and applies a perming solution to the lashes, and then covers the whole thing in aSaran Wrap-like material. You marinate for a while; next, a neutralizing conditioner is painted on. The Saran Wrap goes back on, you continue marination, and that’s it. The whole procedure is normally completed within 45 minutes.
For anywhere up to three months, you can put away that eyelash curler—and maybe even that mascara—as your lashes will remained curled skyward without any effort. Result? Brighter, more awake, even more youthful eyes. As your lashes grow and fall out, results will become less and less noticeable.
There’s just one tiny thing: Eyelash perming, in addition to similar procedures such as eyebrow and eyelash tinting, has not yet been approved by the FDA. While many women have had eyelash perms, eyebrow tints and the like done frequently without problem, a careless beautician could conceivably get those chemicals in your eyes. And if you already have dry, brittle lashes, lash loss or breakage is also a possibility.
Yes, I’ve had an eyelash perm done before, and yes, the results are pretty enviable.
It’s just another thing to add to the list that women risk in pursuit of beauty: permanent make-up tattooed on faces; implants here, there and everywhere; lipo, etc.
And we previously discussed Latisse, the drug applied externally to encourage longer, thicker lashes . . . which also might potentially increase brown iris pigmentation in light-colored eyes.
If you’re still interested in eyelash perming, there are a couple of beauty salons offering the procedure here in Orange County:
Many gals I know swear by those offered at Atlas Studio, which is a Japanese nail salon offering some astounding, heavily decorated manicures the Japanese have come to be known for. 2971 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, (714) 429-1048; www.atlasstudiousa.com. $35, includes post-perm-care treatment.
And while I've only been here for the (awesome) facials, Yuzuki Salon is another Japanese spa and salon that offers eyelash perms. Be aware that the English here is limited, but staff members are polite and incredibly attentive. 2072 Orchard Dr., Newport Beach, (949) 833-3332; yuzukisalon.com. $38.
This column appeared in print as "Lashing Out."  Original post:  http://www.ocweekly.com/2010-04-29/culture/trendzilla-eyelash-perms/

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