How Long Will My Sunless Spray Tan Last? Frequently Asked Airbrush Spray Tanning Questions

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

Depending on your activities and skin type, a Kona Tan should last a week or more.  Most other spray tans can vary between 3-10 days of wear.  With follow-up applications, you can maintain your airbrushed tan indefinitely.  We recommend applying lotion / moisturizer on your skin daily to extend the life of your tan, as well as help your tan to fade evenly.  We have clients that go to the extra effort of moisturizing TWICE daily, and swear that their Kona tans last 2-3 weeks!  

As far as what brand of lotion is best for maintaining a spray tan, we recommend a natural looking gradual tanning lotion, like the Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner.  If you prefer a lotion without any bronzer in it, we absolutely love CeraVe products, which are fantastic at restoring your skin barrier, keeping your tan on longer, and helping your skin to glow.

Extra tight clothing may cause a sunless tan to naturally exfoliate, if any material repeatedly and abrasively rubs against the skin enough to exfoliate away skin cells.  Keep this in mind when dressing after a sunless tanning application.  Plan on wearing something dark and loose, and to stay cool and dry for at least eight hours after tanning.  Ladies:  after working out, remove your sports bra before it has a chance to dry.  Salty perspiration can leave a little extra texture on fabrics after it dries, so imagine what that can do to a sunless tan, when it's rubbed against damp skin.  It's always best to be prepared, and do what you can to protect your skin.

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