Tanning Lotion and Spray Tan Myth: Sunless Tans Smell! by Kona Tanning Company Costa Mesa


You stink (green) Clip Art Glitters Glitterized by FLMNetwork.comSpray tanning and sunless tanning lotions have always been associated with that "fake tan smell" - and sometimes this is absolutely true - they can have it!  But, be aware that not all of them do.  Higher quality tanning solutions and sunless tanning products factor odor and fragrance into their recipe mixes.  Lesser quality spray tanning solutions are more affordable for the customer, but less attractive to the nose and against the skin.  Some spray tans even leave an odor that lasts longer than the color.  When shopping for a new spray tanner, ask what kind of tanning solution they use.  If you know of a product that looks great on your skin, find out if anyone in your area uses it in their salon.  If not, it wouldn't hurt to call the manufacturer to see if they sell smaller bottles of their solution, that you could bring with you to your spray tanning session.  Check the Mobile Tanning Directory for a tanning artist in your area.

Kona Tanning Company is one spray tanning solution manufacturer that considered the odor of tanning solution at the very beginning of the development process.  Only the water-soluble guide in the Kona Tanning House Blend has any trace of odor to it, so slight that it isn't necessary to shower before going out.  In fact, most people don't notice any odor at all!  After showering for the first time, the tint wahes away completely to reveal an odorless, flawless, natural-looking tan.

Bottom line:  a quality spray tan is odorless. 

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