How to Apply Self Tanner and Sunless Tanning Lotions

 Gradual Tanner Instructions

How to use your Gradual Tanner
1.  Use daily for best results.  Or, to use as a sunless tan extender, begin applying 4-5 days after receiving your spray tan to saturate new skin cells with color.  Continue use to maintain your tan indefinitely.

2.  Lotion applies and blends easily to damp skin.  After showering, dab dry, and apply the gradual tanning lotion in small, circular motions with your hands.  Blend from the bottom up – begin on lower legs, and then move on to the tops of feet, upper legs, bum, tummy, back, breasts, shoulders, chest and neck, upper arms, then lower arms.  This avoids reaching past already tanned areas and smudging the application.

3.  Start with the front of your arms and legs where you naturally tan darker, then blend the excess to the back where you naturally tan lighter.

4.  To tan the face, use a pearl-sized amount of lotion, and avoid saturating the hairline and eyebrows.  Use a Q-tip to remove any unwanted lotion from these areas, particularly if you have light or color-treated hair.

5.  Let everything fully dry to the touch before dressing, and avoid any water or sweat until the lotion has developed,  about 3 hours.

6.  WASH your hands thoroughly after each application to prevent unintended tanning of the palms.  Use a cotton pad or makeup sponge to apply to the tops of your hands and blend around the sides, back to your wrists for an even application.

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