May is Melanoma Awareness Month: Keep Your Hair and Scalp Safe

Redheads, and people with fair skin, are born without the ability to tan and excessive burning and/or exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. In most cases, you can prevent skin cancer and it’s pretty easy to do so. My number one advice is, if you have fair skin, stay out of the sun. When you have to be in the sun, protect yourself by covering up, wearing a hat, and applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.
Many women are so busy applying sunscreen on their bodies, that they forget that the scalp can burn too. The best thing you can do is use a hair sunscreen because it will protect your locks and keep your scalp from burning. There are great products out on the market that will prevent burning and fading while also giving your hair definition.
If you are on a budget, in a spray bottle, combine ½ cup of sunscreen (can be lotion or liquid based), ½ cup of non-sticky hair gel and ¾ cup water. Shake. Spray evenly and very sparingly in hair. Make sure to work this mixture with comb.

link:  May is Melanoma Awareness Month: Keep Your Red Hair Safe | How To Be A Redhead

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