Tan Lines and Spray Tanning - What to Wear During Your Spray Tanning Session? by Kona Tanning Company

Remember: anything you wear during your tan WILL leave a tan line!

Since spray tanning is a skin treatment, it's always best to wear as little as possible to get sprayed.  However, a spray tan should be an enjoyable experience, so if thinking about wearing as little as possible makes you cringe, bring a swimsuit and see how you feel once the tan begins.  Ladies, seriously consider the straps of your favorite tank tops and sundresses, and plan your tanning attire accordingly.  Just like with the sun, if you wear a bra during your tan, you WILL have tan lines wherever your bra touches your skin.  Most people feel less naked when they get a spray tan, so don't be surprised with how much skin you feel comfortable flashing to your tanning artist.  A tan blends almost everything, so skin becomes ultra-flashable!

Tan lines are minimized or completely invisible with an airbrushed spray tan. 
If you're tanning for an important event, such as a wedding, prom, photo shoot or special occasion, consider what areas of skin are revealed by your outfit, and make sure you avoid tan lines in these areas.

With the Kona Tanning House Blend tanning solution, tanning solution rub-off on fabrics can only happen until the first rinse in the shower.  After that, rub-off is non-existent.  And, the House Blend is water soluble in most fabrics, so simply throw your after-tanning clothing into the wash to get rid of the evidence!  Some fabrics do permanently stain when coming into contact with tanning solution:  silk, nylon, wool, and polyester.  Avoid these fabrics while your spray tan is developing.

The most common choice for tanning wear would be an old swimsuit.  Many ladies opt for no tan lines, which is smart if you are going on vacation, or anywhere in which you might sport more than one bikini.  We recommend all travelers and vacationers try on their trip's swimwear, and make a mental note of how much skin you'll need to tan in order to avoid tan lines sticking out of your swimsuit.  Men should always check their tanning salon's policy on nudity before assuming it's accepted.  There's nothing worse than running home in the middle of your spray tanning appointment, because you didn't bring the proper attire!  

Most importantly, remember to bring loose, dark clothing for the drive home.  Knee-high boots, skinny jeans, and sports bras are the worst things you could wear home from a spray tan.  Anything tight will collect perspiration and exfoliate away a fresh tan.  Bring loose t-shirts, loose pants, and loose shoes or flip flops, and plan on staying cool and dry for up to 12 hours after your appointment.

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